Darshan Shinde - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

I recently cleared my IELTS with the able and excellent guidance of Ms. Sheetal Gohil.

Sheetal Mam is the perfect example of the famous quote: “A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.” She very well knows the potential of each and every student and shapes him/her accordingly. Best thing about Sheetal Mam is that she teaches at the level of the student which helps every student to understand the concepts. Her Academy is the ideal place for the students from Gujarati Medium. Any prospective student/immigrant I meet, I always suggest him/her to take up IELTS classes from Sheetal mam only.
Thank You ma’am for helping me out and getting the required scores.

Thanks, Darshan Shinde    May 14, 2014   Vadodara   
Urvish Patel - IELTS (6 Bands)  

I would love to say, " You are my very best teacher in my life". You helped me at the right stage of my life. I learnt a very important language from you. You taught me English very easily and perfectly. I always remember you as my "GURU".

Thanks, Urvish    September 17, 2013   Presently in Australia   
Akash Trivedi - IELTS (7 Bands)  

I was one of the students from Sheetalmadam’s first batch. I think that when it comes to teach IELTS, she knows how to teach each student in the unique way just for him or her.No kidding. She knows all the ways. And if you think that you can’t, she is the one for you. And you should also check the library which is very resourceful.Have fun learning English in the better way and don’t forget to have a blast on the day you are waiting for- your IELTS result.

Thanks, Akash    November 16, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Sheena Patel - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

She is an amazing teacher! A great motivator who always encourages and appreciates the smallest improvements you may have made. She is polite and patient in making sure that everyone's able to understand what she is teaching which helps a lot of students who are shy and scared of the language. Moreover, she if full of life and creates a fun learning experience.

Thanks, Sheena    May 12, 2012   Presently in Canada   
Dhananjay Patel - IELTS (6 Bands)  

Mam, you have been shaping the mind of students in great manner. I have no words to describe the way you teach. It doesn't matter whether there are 70-100 students in class. But, it was a big surprise for me that you know everyone's weakness and strength. Your inputs at regular intervals for writing section helped me a lot in my IELTS exam. I have met a lot of teachers in life. But,as I studied under you for just two months it left a big impact on my life. Thanks for giving me courage and strength. Along with studies, you also focus to improve personality of students. Your efforts helped me to reach at this level. Thanks for everything mam!

Thanks, Dhananjay    September 15, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Sharmishtha Parekh - IELTS (6 Bands)  

Really I have no words to write for Sheetal Gohil’s Academy because I have learnt so many things. When I started class, my English level was not good.But she tried a lot to improve my English as well as to give so many strategies to acquire good score in short time. I got 6 Band in each module in Academic IELTS exam. I am proud of myself because I joined this academy. One most important thing is that ma’am’s nature is too good.
Thank you so much mam and wish you all the best to make career of new students who want to go abroad.Not only this, I think, Sheetal Academy is the best for all students who want to give exam of IELTS as well as TOEFL.
Again thank you so much and my best wishes are always there with this academy.

Thanks, Sharmishtha    October 28, 2014   Presently in Australia   
Anand Joshi  

“Excellent & Wonderful IELTS Coaching experience with satisfactory result guaranteed. It is the best class for IELTS coaching in Baroda because there are no hired Faculties for teaching & Sheetal madam provides stress free education since last 17 years.”

Thanks, Anand.    July 24, 2015  
Rachit Patel - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

Second definition of "Learning English" is "Sheetal Gohil". I would like to share very unusual fact of my life; I had completed my schooling in Gujarati Medium; however I could accomplish required IELTS bands only in a month just because of efficient coaching and guidance of Mrs. Sheetal Gohil. I am feeling proud for that.

I can strongly recommend Sheetal Gohil as a trainer of everyone who is keenly interested in improving their English proficiency skills. In upcoming September I will finish my 2 years in Canada. In duration of these 2 years, I realized that It is not at all important just to pass the IELTS as a part of one of the formalities but along with that It is much more important to have good amount of knowledge of all basics such as Grammar, Tenses and many more minor things so that by playing around those learnt things you can communicate effectively.

Trust me....If you'll work hard......Sheetal mam has got the capability to make anything happen.

Join Sheetal madam's class..........SUCCESS GUARANTEED!!!!

Thanks, Rachit Patel    May 25, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Romit Patel - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and passion with us in your special batch. I didn't realize how much I had learned, until I forced myself to put it into practice. If you are looking for improving your IELTS score and English, Sheetal Madam is a great teacher to have. You can score higher, if you follow her techniques and rules. Even I, who studied in Guajarati medium, did not know the basics grammar of English. But, her guidance and efforts led me to score 6.5 band

Thanks, Romit    July 12, 2012   Presently in Canada   
Deepa Patel - IELTS (6 Bands)  

I completed my IELTS 3 months back and successfully achieved desired 6 bands after preparation under the able guidance of Sheetal Madam. Sheetal Gohil’s Language Academy provides a fantastic environment for IELTS preparation by offering excellent resources for self- learning as well teaching. Moreover the teaching schedule and time table is also very convenient. Weekly Test system helps in judging our progress on a continuous basis to identify potential areas of improvement. Above all, Sheetal Madam’s friendly nature, her personal attention to every student in identifying even the smallest mistake is also a significant feature of the academy. All in all, I had an unforgettable learning period at the academy.

Thanks, Deepa    June 15, 2015  
Krunal Lakhani - IELTS (6 Bands)  

I chose to learn from the best, and here I found you as a teacher/friend/mentor and supporter.
I'm not sure whether I have properly expressed, how much I feel forever thankful to you for the help and influence you have given me. What a blessing you are to the students as you interact with them in the classroom, social media and other events on daily basis. Sheetalma’am is not only the best IELTS teacher for me but caring and supportive as an individual who demonstrates the love of the Christ to the students. You are not only a good teacher/mentor, but also an effect minister of "God" to the students for an IELTS teaching. I have been uplifted and renewed by this experience!!
Thank you for your efforts in serving the best.

Thanks, Krunal    October 10, 2016   Presently in Germany   
Pooja Shah - IELTS (6 Bands)  

Sheetal Gohil's academy is the best academy in Vadodara. When i joined the class I did not know the tenses, proverbs and grammar but after joining the class I improved my English language and Sheetal mam helped me a more to rectify my mistakes and gave good ideas for writing as well as speaking. She is my mentor. Thanks a lot Sheetal mam. I feel thankful because mam gives great opportunity to do study in her class and I m a lucky because I m a student of your academy.

Thanks, Pooja    November 5, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Moin Gohil - IELTS (6 Bands)  

It was a pleasure to be a student of Sheetal mam, the Guru of IELTS.
Sheetal mam is not only the teacher, but she is a friend of everyone who is present in the class. There was a situation where I was in vain and I wasn't scoring bands though I went for classes in the Futurelink for 6 months. But then, I met with this GURU of IELTS- Sheetal mam.
Believe me friends, Sheetal mam guaranteed me that I will get required Bands 15 days and I did it and that's all because of her hardwork, papers, extra practice, and constant support and help from her took me to score 6 bands and right now I am in the United States. Sheetal mam, I am lucky to learn English under your guidance which is helping me here too. The time which I spent attending your classes made me realize me that it was precious. However, I can write an essay explaining your excellency.
Thanks to be a part of my life.

Thanks, Moin Gohil    July 24, 2013   Presently in USA (678-510-8233)   
Yaksh Amin - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

Thank you Teacher!!! Really thank you.
Without you, I don't know where I would have been. All of those time that you had gone extra mile for me, I really did notice. The notes and kind words (sometimes bittersweet) gave me a sense of hope. Your belief in me made me believe in myself.
Thank you for trying new strategies! Thank you for quick turnaround in result! Thank you for...well...everything!! I wish to attend your class again if I get a chance.!!

Thanks, Yaksh    April 18, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Satyajeetsinh Zala - IELTS (6 Bands)  

I would here like to write experience about Sheetal Gohil's Language Academy for fulfilling my dream to go and settle in an English speaking country. I want to thank this academy. From here I prepared for IELTS test. As teaching method about IELTS is very efficient, I got great confidence for IELTS. I want to mention some of positive points about classes. First of all, teacher is very helpful and always ready to solve my queries. Library facility is also good, having peace to read and so much range of different reference materials. Mainly timing schedule is also good for anyone, whether for professionals or students. In the daily classes, all IELTS module practice is done in a day and weekly test gave me accurate feedback about my level of English.

Thanks, Satyajeetsinh    June 19, 2014  
Shraddha Shinde - IELTS (6 Bands)  

I had prepared for IELTS in just 10 days only with the help of Ms. Sheetal Gohil !
Without her help it was next to impossible to get ready for IELTS examination in very short period . It takes very less time for Sheetal Ma’am to understand the level of each student and guide him/her accordingly. Her vast knowledge, command over English and ability to explain its concepts are unmatched. The best thing about Sheetal Ma’am is that she enlightens the glimpse of hope and confidence to clear IELTS in every student. Her Academy is an ideal place for the students from Non-English background.
Thank You ma’am for helping out to bring the best out of us.

Thanks, Shraddha    July 15, 2013   Vadodara   
Nikhil Kapadiya - IELTS (6 Bands)  

It is said,"Success comes when opportunity meets preparation".
I had the opportunity. Sheetal ma'm helped me immensely with the preparation.
With her constant guidance, motivation and help, I passed IELTS.She has a very good sense of humour and real passion for teaching.

Thanks, Nikhil    September 18, 2012   Presently in Canada   
Jayrut Patel - IELTS (6 Bands)  

One of the top classes to study IELTS and to get good command over speaking English !!!
The most important thing is that everyone will get their personal space to think, learn and apply!!!
Lastly, the result matters the most!!!- If it is your requirement then come, join classes here, and you WILL HAVE DESIRED RESULTS - GUARANTEED!!! Thanx A Lot Ma'am!!!

Thanks, Jayrut    August 21, 2012   Presently in Canada   
Rahul Rashiya - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

I feel so lucky for getting chance to give feedback about your teaching. I have done my IELTS under the guidance of you. Specially I got best guidance for speaking and writing from you.
I got 6.5 in both writing and speaking just because of you mam. So I really would like to say thank you so much for your help. Your all tips about writing and speaking help me a lot in my real life too. I also improve my speaking from your guidance which helps me a lot in Canada. You taught me a use of linkers in speaking and writing which I would never forget. So again thank you so much mam. You are one of my best teacher in my career who has helped me a lot to build my life. So thanks a lot mam !

Thanks, Rahul    October 13, 2012   Presently in Canada   
Manasi Dalsaniya - TOEFL (Score 85)  

The experience at Sheetal Gohil's Academy has been truly wonderful. One thing that I will be sure that any other institute will lack compared to the Sheetal Gohil's Academy, is the student- teacher relationship: Commendable. From classroom teaching to conducting weekly tests according the TOEFL examination, Sheetal Gohil's Academy has always helped me in every possible aspect. I would like to thank sincerely to Sheetal madam who helped me to build confidence and get into a reputed university in the USA

Thanks, Manasi    October 10, 2016   Presently in USA   
Sweta Godhani - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

I am lucky to be a part of SGIA. Here I have learnt perfect grammar and necessary points of English language. It was impossible for me to get required bands at the first attempt because I had left studies before 6 years, but because of teaching methods and individual attention by Sheetal mam, I have got 6.5 bands.
Apart from that, this academy has all required facilities like library, e-books and well-equipped class by which one can gain extra knowledge.
Sheetalmam's helping, calm and friendly nature made us feel enthusiastic in class.
Thank you mam.

Thanks, Sweta    July 6, 2014  
Heena Wadhani - IELTS (6 Bands)  

I failed many times in other classes ; Joined Here; Easy Way To Learn ; Personal Attention; Got My Results In 2WEEKS
Amazing Person - Sheetal Gohil

Thank, Heena    October 24, 2013   Presently in Newzealand   
Armish Patel - IELTS (6.5 Bands )  

About Class:
The class structure is awesome and so convenient that the teacher can easily keep an eye on each and every student.
About Teaching:
I have had an experience of 3 leading IELTS classes in our city Vadodara and based on my experience, I can say that the best place to learn and pass the IELTS is Sheetal Gohil’s Language Academy.

Thanks, Armish Patel    September 21, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Meghdeepsinh Gohil - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

After completion of my graduation I wanted to migrate in a foreign country but I was not that good in English language. In fact my English was so poor and I found Sheetal Madam’s classes. What I found after that is “something tough is not really tough if you have right person for perfect guidance”. And this I got from her. I am actually amaazed that she puts insanely incredible efforts for her students. Probably I might never had cracked an exam if she wasn’t my Teacher. Definitely worth have classes there. Thank you is just not good enough for her.

Thanks, Meghdeepsinh    August 26, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Divyang Patel - IELTS (6 Bands)  

Class :-It is very ideal place to learn English language. The class is centrally air-conditioned with quiet atmosphere.
Teaching : It is amazing to get new techniques to learn English with various tasks and very nice techniques are provided by the teacher. Positive support is always given by Sheetal Madam.
Library : There are lots of materials available for improving own knowledge and it has a studious ambience.

Thanks, Divyang    November 28, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Purvisha Patel - IELTS (7.5 Bands)  

I am glad to write feedback about your coaching as your teaching has helped me to get through IELTS with flying colors. Moreover, knowledge about English grammar and speaking and writing techniques, which you have taught me, is helping me in my day to day work in Canada. The language has never been a barrier for me since I have taken training from you. Last but not the least, in spite of being a person of non-English speaking country, I am getting compliments regarding my language here in Canada and this is just because of your commendable coaching.
Thank you for imparting outstanding knowledge of English language in me. Therefore, I will always be grateful to you !

Thanks, Purvisha    December 18, 2014   Presently in Canada   
Siddharth Shah - IELTS (6 Bands)  

A perfect ambience to get good IELTS band score.In my 16 years of academic life I had never came across such a dedicated teacher towards her profession.

Thanks, Siddharth    June 18, 2013   Presently in USA   
Dipen Patel - IELTS (7 Bands)  

Excellent teaching techniques of Mam make this academy extra ordinary. The way Madam helps us in learning English language is simply awesome. My experience of learning in this academy was very fruitful. It was Madam’s hard work which helped me a lot to gain good proficiency in English Language. Thank you so much Mam for every thing.

Thanks, Dipen Patel    August 19, 2014   Presently in Canada   
Prajal Shukla - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

I approached Sheetal mam for the preparation of IELTS exam as I had to study abroad for further education. She helped me developing my skills for the comprehensive writing and public speaking. It was pleasure being trained under her as one can have fun while studying. Her humorous way of teaching makes no person in this world bored. One thing I liked her is she is always ready for the problem solving. Whenever I used to contact her for the doubt, she used to attend me and give proper time to solve it. I found the learning experience very very great and I would recommend Sheetal Gohil's institute to everyone who wants to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Thanks, Prajal    June 7, 2012   Presently in Canada   
Keval Brahmbhatt - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

Well, I had an excellent experience. I learned a lot of new and interesting tips about IELTS from Sheetal Ma'am. I have shared a lot of it with my friends in my classroom at Canada also and they were thankful to know those strategies. She is not only a good instructor but a great friend to have too. I would definitely recommend Sheetal Mam's classes to someone who wants not only to go abroad but also learn English.
Good luck to Sheetal Ma'am for future endeavors.

Thanks, Keval Brahmbhatt    October 10, 2016   Canada   
Mehul Patel - IELTS (6 Bands)  

Today I am going to tell something about out IELTS teacher Sheetal Gohil.
First thing I noticed in her teaching is she is a polite and calm teacher and not like not like others that are angry every time a student makes mistake. The way of teaching grammar is simple and easy to understand. She helps student not in the class also but at her home when. I can say that I studied for 22 days only under her guidance and I got 6 bands in IELTS. That is because of her. She had goal for only work to enable students get required score no matter what you are doing. After coming in Canada, when I went back to India I made a point to visit her as she is the best teacher in life. I don’t have any word to describe more

Thanks, Mehul    October 18, 2013   Presently in Canada   
Dakshay Patel - IELTS (6.5 Bands)  

I applied for Canada PR and by the Grace of god the Maple Leaf is on my passport today.

Thank you for efforts in making our future bright. Indirectly, I specially came from New Delhi to join your Language academy crash course to improve my IELTS skills. During course I observed that you always give a great amount of personal effort and interest in your daily teaching activities. Also, your student evaluation standard is high in all categories of the IELTS. In addition, very rich library content and study material are provided as per the IELTS global standards. Your tips and tricks are always easy to follow and logical which help in improving vocabulary and very useful during exam time. Even after my course completion, you always provided suggestions and rated my writing task.
Only one mantra will work in IELTS - Planning and practice will get your desired score.
I definitely recommend others students to join your academy.

Thanks, Dakshay Patel    March 24, 2014   Presently in Canada